* Homemade products

Gr. Sirloin Fresh T-Bone Steaks Beef Brisket Flat
Gr. Sirloin Frozen Tenderloin Beef Brisket Point
10# Bag Gr. Sirloin Whole Tenderloin *Beef Bacon
Gr. Chuck Fresh Whole Rib Eye Loin *Beef Brats
Beef Roast Partial Rib Eye Loin Beef Suet
Chuck Roast Flat Iron Grobbel's Corned Beef
Stew Meat Flank Veal Liver
Cubed Steak Beef Short Ribs Veal Chops
Tri Tip Roast Beef Shank 10# Box Honeycomb Tripe
Denver & Chuck Steaks Beef Skirt Steaks 10# Box Dog Bones
Sirloin Steak Beef Oxtail
Sirloin Tip Steak Beef Tongue
Rib Eye Steaks Beef Heart
New York Steaks Beef Brisket Whole
Porterhouse SteaksBeef Brisket Trimmed

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